Welcome to the fishy resources

This page is my effort to create a nice little collection of all the tools and Plugins I wrote for the widely spread free-to-have online multiplayer racing game TrackMania Nations.

To all of you who don't know this game, TMN is available for free download and allows you to race on custom tracks against other real players on a huge amount of online servers. It's even possible to create your own dedicated server (that's what I wrote most of the plugins for).

Players form in clans and families, communicate via in-game chat, in bulletin boards, teamspeak, x-fire etc. There's a huge community around TMN and if you like challenging other people online and maybe want to experience something else than all the ego-shooters, give it a try ;-) .

Below you can find all news about this page, recent uploads and changes, be sure to check in every once in a while.


As you may have noticed, I completely disappeared from the TM world. I'm a 100 percent into my studies and some other business at the moment so I can't find any time for TM.
I'm really sorry that I can't help with problems or update the plugins for now.

I plan to be back soon but I can't say when this is going to happen.

Bye for now,

Site moved

As you may have noticed, I changed hosts and the fishy resources are now available at fish.stabb.de.
Be sure to change your bookmarks =)

The new Fufi Menu is here

Already available in version 0.2 the menu gives you clickable control over your XAseco commands.
Find it here!

Widgets for XASECO

The widgetsnow work in both ASECO and XASECO.
Have Fun!

Fufi Widgets v0.5 (ASECO TMF)

They are out, have a look there!

Fufi Tools v1.9

There's a new Fufi Tools version waiting to be used. I added some new functionalities to welcome-messages so check it out if you like =)

Fufi Tools Home

New Aseco Release (0.8x)

Xymph from TM-Forum.com took over the TMN/TMO/TMS development of ASECO/RASP/Jfreu.
He recently published the new Aseco 0.8x which should be much more stable and also contains a whole bunch of new features.

Two of my plugins made it into the official release (JFreu Unspex Fix and RASP Matchsave ffMod)

So try it out and have fun.
Bye, Fish

Site is up and running

Finally the site is online feel free to browse and download or use the Starvote tool.