Welcome to my Playground

Below you can find my personal creations concerning Trackmania Nations. They include plugins for the wide spread Aseco and JFreu server administration tools and some other nice scripts you might need if you for instance build a website for TMN.
Have fun.

[(X)ASECO/FAST] AutoQueue

Details and Download
This plugin is an automatic management system for chronically overpopulated servers. It creates a spectator queue to let those players join first who came first. It also contains some idle kicking features.

[XASECO] Fufi Menu

Details and Download
Displays a graphical menu that executes chat commands by clicking the entries.

[(X)ASECO] Fufi Widgets

Details and Download
This plugin displays multiple graphical widgets on your server.
There are the Local Records widget, a Live Rankings widget, a Dedimania widget, a Karma widget, a Challenge widget, a Clock widget and an Advertisement widget (mostly inspired by SATO). Trackmania Forever only!

[PHP/MYSQL] TMFDataFetcher

Details and Download

The TMFDataFetcher is a php class that represents a wrapper for the Trackmania Ladder API. It queries the NADEO stats server for a given login and gets all the available information about that player. It then provides this information in a fairly easy to use manner.

[PHP] TMF Color Parser

Details and Download
This class allows you to easily output Trackmania Forever styled strings to HTML and images just like signature pics for example.

[Aseco/JFreu] FuFi Tools Plugin

Details and Download

This plugin contains a bunch of plugins I combined into one toolbox:

  1. Contains optional customized welcome-messages, you can add more than one, when a user logs in, the server chooses one message and welcomes the player with a popup message.
  2. Also contains a plugin to kick inactive players. The plugin warns the player if he gets closed to being kicked. The kick will be proceeded after a customizable idle-time
  3. Last but not least there is a plugin which only works in rounds-mode. It automatically ends the round after a mystically computed time if noone finishes the map.
  4. All plugins and needed values can be accessed and disactivated/activated ingame by the admins

[Aseco/JFreu] MiniAdmin Plugin

Details and Download

This plugin provides limited access to admin commands for chosen players (called "operators").

Its intention is to give some permissions to trusted players on your server because maybe sometimes there is no admin present without giving them the whole variety of editing the server like an admin can do.

[Aseco/JFreu] Unspec Fix

Details and Download

NEW: This plugin is now included in the new Aseco release: Aseco 0.8x

There sometimes occurs a bug if you use JFreu's hard- and ranklimit. If you want to limit the access to your server to players withing the ranklimit and let only players within hardlimit spectate, the players above the ranklimit and below the hardlimit will only be able to enter in SpecOnly mode and will have to start an /unspec vote to get in.

But more or less often they have the chance to just join the game without the vote by simply pressing enter and somehow slipping through the jfreu system.

This plugin avoids that.

[Aseco/JFreu] Extended Vote Plugin

Details and Download

This plugin targets the server hosters amongst you that are sick of their drivers not voting in an unspec vote. Lots of players just can't join because the players are too lazy to vote. This plugin more or less forces them to vote by showing a window which will disappear only after they voted or the vote is over.

Warning: A few players may not like this plugin ;-)

[Aseco/RASP] Matchsave ffMod

Details and Download

NEW: This plugin is now included in the new Aseco release: Aseco 0.8x

This modded matchsave plugin actually enables the functionality to track and save not only the points for one race but for whole matches. It comes with a bunch of useful easy-to-understand functions to set up any kind of match you like (specify a number of rounds, race until someone reaches a pointlimit or just fight with no defined ending). There is also an integrated function to change the playlist via an admin command.

[Aseco] NoCheat Plugin

Details and Download

There are programs allowing players to modify the gamedata while playing on a server. With the help of this tools it is possible to get faster times than possible. In case you didn't know, that's cheating. One of the methods is resulting in multiple checkpoints having the exact same time. This plugin searches for that and kicks/bans/blacklists cheaters that use this specific method and delete their records.

[PHP] TMN Data Fetcher & Color Parser

Details and Download

These are two little classes that really come in handy if you try to create TMN related statistic pages. They basically take over all the work, gather information about logins and output (nearly) correctly coded TMN styled strings.

[phpBB] TM String BBCode Mod

Details and Download

This mod inserts a functionality to your phpBB forum to easily use Trackmania styled strings inside the posts.