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This plugin contains a bunch of plugins I combined into one toolbox:

  1. Contains optional customized welcome-messages, you can add more than one, when a user logs in, the server chooses one message and welcomes the player with a popup message.
  2. Also contains a plugin to kick inactive players. The plugin warns the player if he gets closed to being kicked. The kick will be proceeded after a customizable idle-time
  3. Last but not least there is a plugin which only works in rounds-mode. It automatically ends the round after a mystically computed time if noone finishes the map.
  4. All plugins and needed values can be accessed and disactivated/activated ingame by the admins
Info: The hints below are also included in the php-file

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Update v1.9:
  • From now on it is possible to show the welcome messages to all players instead of showing it only to the joining player
  • You can now choose whether to show the welcome message as a chat line or a popup
  • Both new features can be activated in the start configuration section

Update v1.83:
  • And another bugfix for Aseco versions from 0.89 upwards (changed the xml rpc query execution)
  • Admins, MasterAdmins and Operators won't be kicked for inactivity anymore (totally forgot that when tiered admin system came out)

Update v1.82:
  • Again a little fix to make it work with the new Aseco versions, this time it's the support for the new tiered admin system (from 0.88 upwards), please follow the installation hints

Update v1.81:
  • Just a little fix to make it work with the new Aseco versions (from 0.8 upwards), additional editing to the aseco.php is no more necessary, if you use an older Aseco please follow the installation hints

Update v1.8:
  • Auto Restart is now Auto End Round, cause it makes much more sense and the players don't loose their points (thanks to m&o on TM-Forum.com), be sure to check out the new command because I changed it a bit to fit the function

Update v1.71:
  • Fixed a bug that occured on linux servers (concerning the AutoRestart)

Update v1.7:
  • Fixed a major bug in the computing of the restart time that occured in the last update
  • Added the functionality to set a fixed restart time, if you don't trust my wild computation
  • Admins won't be kicked anymore by the AFK - plugin

Update v1.63:
  • it's now possible to customize the durance a message is displayed (Start Configurations: $showTimePerWord)

Update v1.62:
  • some minor fixes to suppress error messages in older Aseco versions

Update v1.61:
  • Fixed problem with utf8 characters in servernames and messages
  • Added functionality to be able to choose between displaying ether the original servername from the TMDedicated config or the Jfreu servername from the jfreu.config.php (you find that option in the start configuration block inside the fufi.tools.php) in your welcome message

Installation Hints

Read carefully before usage

Tiered Admin Support (Aseco 0.88 and better)
  • In order to make this plugin usable for admins and/or operators insert the following line into adminops.xml into the corresponding sections:


Install jfreu ;-)
Unrar the fufi.tools.rar into the plugins directory.
Insert the following line into plugins.xml.

In order to run properly, the auto-restart plugin needs a change to be made in the aseco.php (only for Aseco versions prior to 0.8):
  1. find the lines in aseco.php saying (about line number 636):

    function beginRound()
          // request information about the new challenge ...
          // ... and callback to function newChallenge() ...
       }  //  beginRound
  2. add a line there, so it looks like this:
    function beginRound()
          // request information about the new challenge ...
          // ... and callback to function newChallenge() ...
          $this->releaseEvent("onNewRound", $nullvar);
       }  //  beginRound
  3. Everything should be working fine from now on =)

You can customize the start configuration inside the fufi.tools.php. You will find it there just below all the hints and it's enclosed in a block like this:
//Start Configurations (change Values if you want to)
//Don't change anything below here, well you can try ;-)

Common Hints

IMPORTANT: needs JFreu plugin to work
IMPORTANT: needs local mysql database to work
IMPORTANT: don't activate the auto-end-round if you didn't follow the installation hints

The mysql-tables install themselves at the first use of the plugin.
The used tables are: tools_messages

For ingame help with the plugins type "/tools help", should be self-explaining =)

Ingame access is only permitted to admins.

Welcome Message Plugin Hints

You can add welcome-messages for users that will be shown in a popup window if they log in. If there are multiple messages for one login, the system will randomly chose one to display

For more usability you can use tools like phpMyAdmin to enter and change the messages, but it still works ingame via the commands listed in the ingame-help.

  • Add login messages for all unlisted users by using the login "all"
    "/tools addmsg all Hi you son of a ..."
  • Use the placeholder "" to insert the players nickname into the message:
    eg. "/tools addmsg fuckfish Hi " creates a popup saying
    Hi (OoR-F)~fuckfish"
  • Use the placeholder "" to insert a linefeed:
    eg. "/tools addmsg fuckfish Hi dude!You are pretty cool!" creates a popup saying
    Hi dude!
    You are pretty cool"

New in v1.9:
  • You can now send the welcome-message directly to the chat if you prefer that
  • You can determine whether or not to show the welcome-message just to the joining player or to all players (access both new functionalities inside the start configuration section of fufi.tools.php

Auto End Round Plugin Hints

This plugin automatically ends the running round in rounds mode if noone finishes (before version 1.8 it restarts the challenge).

  • Produces errors if you don't follow the installation hints.
  • Only works in rounds mode.
  • The end-round-time is computed by the following scheme:
    endroundtime = 2*authortime + 20 seconds (tested and produced no problems)

Auto Kick Inactive Plugin Hints

Automatically kicks inactive players after a given time.

  • Don't choose a value to small, I suggest a minimum of 6 minutes.
  • Player will be warned every 10 seconds if he has less than one minute left.
  • Spectators will not be kicked.
  • Players are declared active if they use the chat or pass a checkpoint