Important Links

This is a little collection of links that are very important to either me or the TMN community. Feel free to pay them a visit and find out what they are all about.

OoR-F - Old Online Racer Family

First of all I of course have to credit my TMN family. Without them this site would not be possible. Pay us a visit and leave a message in the forum if you like to.

Visit [OoR-F] Family page

Trackmania Nations

Here you can find a few links about the game, the creators and the dedicated server.

Trackmania Nations Official Website
Nadeo Website
TMN/TMO/TMS Dedicated Server


The official TM-Forum always helps if you experience problems with your Trackmania Games. You can also find a lot of creations for TMN there, like skins, maps, mods, avatars and of course a huge amount of tools for the dedicated server or homepage creation.

Visit TM-Forum


Aseco (created by Flo and modified and maintained by Assembler Maniac, Xymph, Mistral and probably some more), is the one real step forward in TM dedicated server usage. Nearly every server uses Aseco or Xymph's Xaseco at the moment. I provide multiple plugins for these server controllers.
You'll find (X)Aseco in the official Trackmania forum (TM-Forum):

Xaseco by Xymph (TMN/TMO/TMS/TMF) (including RASP and JFreu)
Aseco/RASP for TMF by Flo/Assembler Maniac


Fast is another widely spread php based server controller for Trackmania which was created by Slig who also invented Dedimania, a database for public challenge records.

Fast on
Dedimania Website


JFreu's plugin for Aseco is a massive tool to control your dedicated server. It invented all the ranklimit and vip features which really come in handy.

JFreu thread on TM-Forum